Tweriod – get to know when your Twitter followers are online the most


Tweriod is a free twitter tool that helps you make the most of Twitter by letting you know the best time to tweet. They offer a free analysis up to 1000 of your followers, the stats are pretty good for a free analysis.

You can see below it’s clear most of my followers are online from 2pm-11pm during the week, below that you can see the difference between weekend, weekday etc.  and that’s not all the free charts.



skitch_email copy


The best part is the you can get the full premium account with all the bells and whistles for $15 A YEAR so inexpensive! Premium account includes the following:

  • Premium Users Can Analyze Their Entire Follower Base.
  • Get Detailed Analytics – General Stats, Hourly Stats, @replies StatsFor ALL Days Of The Week.
  • Get An Overall Summary Of Weekdays and Weekends In A Summary Graphs.
  • PDF Report – Print Out For You or Your Client.
  • Add Branding to your report for You or Your Client.
  • Most apps only analyze your tweets. Tweriod Analyses Your Past Tweets And Ones From Your Followers.
  • Auto Sync Your Buffer Account With Tweriod Optimal Timings.
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