Marketing Automation Software Comparison

Good Morning all, sorry for the lack of posts, been a busy few weeks!

Well from my previous posts on Marketo and Lander you’ll know I love internet marketing software. I’ve been looking at several out there including Marketo, Hubspot, Pardot, Act-on,  Eloqua, Bislr which are all fantastic. There are a lot out there but these have been success in getting and keeping my interest.

I’ve put together a little chart that will make it a little easier to find what is right for you.

Download here Marketing Automation



Which is your favourite??

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5 thoughts on “Marketing Automation Software Comparison

  1. This is a great resource for comparison! I recommend adding Infusionsoft in the mix, which I can heartily recommend for small businesses.

  2. vekony says:

    Thanks, it’s a great resource for comparison. I’d recommend adding Infusionsoft to the mix, which I can heartily recommend for small businesses.

  3. Thanks, Gretty! This is great. Could you add a little more color as to why Bislr and HubSpot are “slightly different” than the rest? And why Bislr has a “different edge”?

    • Gretty says:

      Hi BrooksBruce! Sorry for the delay on response. Hubspot automation is different because it really focuses on inbound marketing, and Bislr is different because it scans the web to find out detailed information on your subscriber list.

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