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Explore B2B – Intelligent Networking


exploreB2B was founded in March 2010 by Jonathan and Susanna Gebauer. exploreB2B’s mission is change and drastically improve Business to Business communications worldwide. Basic functions of exploreB2B include self-publication, reading, and sharing articles. With the new premium functions, users can analyze statistics on who has read their articles, where referrals originate, and which topics or industries the readers have expressed interest in their areas of discussion. Premium functions allow self-publishing professionals insight into the kind of content that speaks to their target group. This is how it works:

1. Write Articles Articles increase your visibility on exploreB2B. Present your professional knowledge and your products or simply ask questions

2. Enter your Personal Profile Your personal profile is your business card on exploreB2B.

3. Read and comment on Articles Take part in discussions, ask questions and help others.

4. Get connected You found interesting content? Get in touch with the author.

It’s pretty cool in the sense you can search for articles related to company, person, topics, or industries.


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Handmadeology – Blog


I love this site, it’s super helpful for all you creators out there. The Handmadeology  is dedicated to the handmade movement and exists for the purpose of teaching artists/creators how to successfully sell their handmade goods online, and to feature the newest handmade, vintage and supply items found on Etsy.

You can contact to guest write, get featured, submit tips; it’s all about helping each other success online. Make sure you sign up for their newsletter.

Tim Adam the editor of the site recently created this fantastic online course Build a Better Creative Business I really  want to check this out, and it’s on sale for $99. Quote for the course description “This is a place of extraordinary lessons, new ideas, and friendly support.   If you’re ready to invest in your business, if you’re fed up and want to make it happen already, if you’re tired of uncertainty and frustration, you have Timothy AdamLisa Jacobs, and an amazing team of experts standing by.”


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Glassboard – Private sharing social network

Glassboard is a private social network for groups. For iPhone, Android and the web. I think it’s idea for small companies sharing information, or if your interests are all over the place like myself. It’s like Facebook, but with the privacy of email and the immediacy of mobile. In Glassboard, you create ‘boards’ which are groups of people around a common interest, and you can share messages, comments, photos, videos, and files. Think of each board as a different group of people. If you have a board that shares dog pictures, and a board that talks about classic cars, neither group will ever know about the other. Your dog pics will be seen only by the people in the dog pics board, and talk about classic cars will only be shared with the members of the classic cars board. I haven’t had a chance to fully setup, but could see myself using it.


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This site is amazing for advise, it’s not free but for about $20 you can talk to some leading experts for 20 minutes or more. Each expert charges different per minute pricing. The sites is focused to start-ups, with popular searches in investor, startup, social media, business development, you get the idea. Check it out Clarity

Here is a recent blog post on “How to Shake Up an Industry” HERE


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