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Vine vs. Dubbler for business

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So we have been hearing a lot about Vine, and I just recently heard about Dubbler. Let me quickly Explain what they are, the difference, and what’s better for business??

Here is my Vine post promoting this blog post and here is my Dubbler post. Let’s see which gets more views!


Dubbler brings the simplicity and fun of audio to the social world. Record your voice, add a filter or photo and share with your friends on Facebook & Twitter. Record jokes, obervations, a moment a day, birthday greeting, or even a product pitch. After that you can filter your voice with filters like Cat or Robot etc. Then share on Dubbler, Twitter, and Facebook.


Vine is a mobile service that lets you create and share short looping videos. Videos you post to Vine will appear on your Vine profile and the timelines of your Vine followers. You can also share your video posts to Twitter or Facebook.

What’s the difference?

Well beside the obvious Vine is video and audio, and Dubbler is photo and audio. The time is the biggest difference, Vine you can only record 6 second video where Dubbler your voice recording can be 60 seconds. The other big factor is that Vine is owned by Twitter so it has a hug backing and and the marketing dollars behind it, and Dubbler does not.

So which is better for business?

Personally I think it depends on what your business is offering, the fact that you can post both to Twitter is great so both can be found easily. Vine makes more sense for products, you can show the product, use the product etc BUT only 6 seconds. If you have a service and there really isn’t anything to show, Dubbler is probably better to explain a new launch for explain, and you can do that in a robot voice if you wish 🙂

Here is my Vine post promoting this blog post and here is my Dubber post. Let’s see which gets more views!

Dubbler won! 19 plays, 6 likes, 2 Dub backs. Vine a big zero. Now that Instagram has video I’ll have to say goodbye Vine.

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PPT Salon – Presentation Design Service


The PPT Salon designs presentations for conferences, investor meets, internal meetings, business plans, pitches and whatever else you might need them for. They say they can design a presentation in 48 hours from anywhere around the world for $199. The website looks great, and they have a lot of corporate clients including Coca-Cola and Johnson & Johnson. The only thing is they do not have any examples of presentations to view on their site 😦 I’ve emailed them to send me one, I’ll let you know when I receive it 🙂 Over all I love the idea, time saver for a good deal!


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I stumbled apon this site a few years ago. It’s a great site to create little videos. First you select a template, upload photos & videos, input text, select a song and Animoto puts it all together. It’s great for personal use but also for business purposes too. Here is a video I created of our family trip in 2008. Animoto

This recent blog post on Animoto shares some great ideas and example of business videos HERE


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