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Imgembed – Free images for your blog

Imgembed is an online platform, launched by The Creative Finder, that promotes the fair use of images online.



It lets all image creators track where their images are being used online, and set permissions for every website using them. They are also able to monetize their images by setting CPM pricing.

Blogs and websites are able to use images for free by promoting the creators ethically with the automatic attribution.

Creator: You simply create an account and click  the ‘Manage Portfolio’ link. Once you are done with your updates, you can click on ‘Preview Portfolio’ to see how your portfolio will look to the public.

Users: You can upload unlimited images and galleries to your portfolio, via HTML (single file upload) or Flash (multiple files upload by batch).

Here is a image I simply used for free! It credits the creator as you can see:

Here is a list of benefits for both the user and creator:

skitch_iphoto.export.skitch 3

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Behance Network – Art

The Behance Network is THE place to find creative talent. It helps artists by putting them in-front of hiring companies etc. Gives them a place to promote their portfolios. There is a section for finding jobs, and hiring talent. The site is geared towards graphic designers, art direction, photography and illustration. I love this site for ideas and inspiration! Check out these brilliant illustrations from Przemek Blejzyk



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