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Trend Watching & Happy Spotting

Trend Watching One of the world’s leading trend firms, scans the globe for emerging consumer trends, insights and innovations. They report on findings in free, monthly Trend Briefings, and through their 2013 Premium Service,Regional Trend Reports and Trend Seminars.

This is the most forward thinking trend site I’ve found. If you are thinking about starting any product or service, the free trend briefing documents are a MUST read. You can find them all HERE you can sign up for there monthly newsletter.

The Happy Spotting network consists of marketing and business-savvy people from all over the world, who respond to requests for examples of trends that are tracking.


They are always looking for talented individuals to join the network.

Happy Spotters respond to monthly requests for specific trend examples, or to ongoing requests they have on their site.

I’ve been a Happy Spotter for a few years 🙂

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